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What character sets does VoiceText(TM) support?

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For both VT Engine and Server, following character sets are supported:

(1) English, Spanish, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese and European Voices: ASCII (+ Windows ANSI) - Code Page: cp1252
(2) Japanese: Shift-JIS - Code Page: cp932
(3) Korean: KSC-5601 - Code Page: cp949
(4) Chinese, Cantonese (Hongkong) and Taiwanese: GBK - Code Page: cp936 (both Simplified and Traditional Chinese)
* For Chinese, we currently do not support BIG5

(5) Thai: Windows-874 - Code Page: cp874

NOTE: There is a caveat that our VoiceText TTS Server only handles UTF-8 encoding only. Unsupported encoding will be suppressed automatically. One alternative solution is using the SSML TTS APIs.