NeoSpeech TTS Web Services

NeoSpeech TTS Web Services is a hosted Text-To-Speech (TTS)
solution that allows web developers to build speech-enabled websites and


  • Always have the latest and the greatest TTS engine producing the most
    natural-sounding speech audio in the market today; no need to install,
    configure, or update software.
  • No separate hardware required to run TTS servers.
  • Using the provided web API, NeoSpeech TTS Web Services is perfect for
    automation in Text-To-Speech Conversion.


  • Supports both SOAP and REST API for the most flexibility.
  • Base on asynchronous architecture for the most stability and scalability.
  • Input text can be plain text or SSML*. Output can be in various audio formats.
  • User dictionary is provided for you to modify pronunciation of any word.*
  • Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for security of the content during transmission.

Supported Audio Output Formats

  • 16bit linear PCM (.pcm)*
  • 8bit A-law PCM (.pcm)*
  • 8bit Mu-law PCM (.pcm)*
  • 16bit linear PCM Wave (.wav)
  • 8bit unsigned linear PCM Wave (.wav)*
  • 8bit A-law PCM Wave (.wav)*
  • 8bit Mu-law PCM Wave (.wav)*
  • 4bit Dialogic ADPCM (.vox)*
  • Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)*


  • Kate (U.S. English female, 8KHz and 16KHz)
  • Paul (U.S. English male, 8KHz and 16KHz)
  • Julie (U.S. English female, 8KHz and 16KHz)
  • Bridget (U.K. English female, 8KHz and 16 KHz)
  • Violeta (Spanish female, 8KHz and 16 KHz)
Additional voices can be added by contacting NeoSpeech

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